Saturday, July 19, 2003

I'm FINALLY done painting my nails. I still may put another clear coat on though.

They don't look that great, but they look a lot better than if I hadn't done anything with them.

I have to finish packing for camp, get showered, do my hair & make-up & then get to the church.

Last night Val couldn't find her shoes for the wedding. This morning she still couldn't & on top of that the bag her shoes were in also held her tiara & jewelry. Her sister, Jaime, went to the church to see if they were there. They weren't so Jaime came here to pick up my tiara (it turns out she had the same one for her wedding too!) & she told me that their hair appointments got messed up too.

The lady doing their hair called to say they were running late. When the girls did show up, the lady to do their hair wasn't even there & they couldn't get in touch with her. So, they had to call another place to make an appointment. Val had to go out shopping for new shoes & jewelry too.

I feel bad for her, that is just not what you need on your wedding day. At least its an evening wedding though, it gives her time for the last minute stuff that comes up.

So, thats my update for now. I can't really do anything while my nails are drying. I'm going to put that other coat on them now too.

Ray's out showing houses...maybe today will be the day for his first big sale!!!

Oh yeah, I finally get my own cell phone too!!! :)

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