Thursday, July 24, 2003

I'm having a great time at camp. My campers are driving Rach & I a little insane & we're tired, but I'm also having lots of fun.

Mom & Megan came over Tuesday & brought me pizza (yum!) & a bunch of snack food so I wouldn't starve while I'm here. They also sat through unch with us & stayed in our cabin during cabin time. It was fun having them here & getting to see them.

Tuesday night the whole camp played an awesome game. It was called "The Mole" & each team was divided in half. And one side of camp was safe & the other side was hostile. The group on the hostile side had to travel together in a group with their ID card & we had to find 5 different contacts & get information from them. One of those contacts would be the mole & when we found the contacts they would give us information. We then dropped the information into our bucket, turned on the light, & then our team on the safe side had to come get the information out of our bucket. They had to figure out from the clues which agent was "the mole".

Sounds easy except its pitch dark out & there are "police" & "KGB" patroling the grounds. If they caught you without proper ID they could take you to jail. Or if your group was sperated they would take you to jail. Anyway, I was on the hostile side, so there were twelve of us in my group sneaking around, crawling in the dirt, & when the spotlight on the roof would come by we'd drop to the ground. It was lots of fun, it kind of felt like you were in a movie. The police caught us was too many times & 'm still sore from all of the push-ups & sit-ups & running I had to do.

Most of the contacts were back in the woods along the trails hiding. And of course most of them acted crazy, they dd an excellent job being in character. I was in the back of the group keeping the kids in line & we were back in the ski trail when all of a sudden I got grabbed from behind. One arm was around my waist & one hand around my mouth & I was picked up & dragged into the woods. I had no idea the guy was even behind me. But he was just one of the contacts so it didn't scare me too bad.

Anyway, I think our team won & that was definitely the best game we've played all week.

Right now I have a craft off so I'm probably going to go cal Ray. I went sailing yesterday & I think I might go again today. Sorry mom, I DID swim in the lake water again. With all of the ameobas & aligators. :)

Anyway, that's all for now. Anyone read the whole post. Probably too long & too many details but that's okay. :)

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