Thursday, August 21, 2003

Tonight our long awaited guest arrives. From what I hear her flight gets in at 10 tonight...and our place is still a mess. It looks much better than it did when I got home last night though...Ray showed clients around for NINE HOURS yesterday (they'd better buy!!!) & I didn't get hom from work until 6.

Because of our move we're farther away from chapel which results in us having to leave a lot earlier to get there. When I found out Ray wouldn't be home in time to go (& I was tired & didn't feel like driving for another hour-especially that stick shift!) I told him I'd just stay home & that he'd be surprised at how much cleaner the place would be when he got there.

Since I told him that I would clean I actually had to follow through with it instead of vegging in front of the tv (we finally got an antenna-we aren't paying $15 a month just to get 25 channels!). So the upside of that is we can now walk through the majority of our place without tripping over a box. I'm still unprepared for company though.

I did go grocery shopping this morning in anticipation of my guest.

"Now, what kind of food would she like to eat? I'm sure she doesn't want to skip breakfast or eat a grilled cheese in the morning like Ray & I (sometimes) do. I know! Cereal. From what I hear a lot of people eat cereal in the morning.”

I also decided that some of the days when I’m home long enough I will cook, so I ended up buying a bit more than usual. And spending a LOT more.

It makes me cringe just thinking about it.

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