Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Thank you so much to everyone (including the lurkers) for all of the congratulations & such! I've really enjoyed hearing from you. :)

I'm getting my energy back up - Sunday night was the first time I had much sleep since last Monday night. Our first two nights home she fussed quite a bit - she was having some mucus/congestion & gas issues. So, unfortunately, we didn't get much sleep & neither did my Mom so she headed home Sunday morning to get some rest. It's been nice just having Ray & I here with Addison now but I do miss the help. I'm still having some high blood pressure issues so I'm supposed to be laying down & not doing anything around the house - not the easiest thing to do when I'm here alone with the baby! Actually, I'm having a lot of self-control with not cleaning but I can't not take care of Addison so I'm still up a bit.

I didn't realize how much my appetite would decrease after giving birth but I have to remind & make myself eat, which is very odd for me. I just don't feel hungry. Of course I'm eating more than I want because I really think the nutrition is important & I want to recover quickly & keep this little girl fed!

One thing that's funny is how skinny I feel now. I haven't weighed myself yet or seen what my old jeans are like on me, but I sure do feel tiny! I should take a post-partum belly picture to add to the weekly collection from pregnancy.

Anyway, I am starting to feel much better now that she's sleeping a little more at night. I never realized how good it could feel just to sleep for a block of two hours!

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