Sunday, April 29, 2007

So. Sore.

I was in a car accident this morning driving with Addison back to church (Ray was already there). We're both okay, the car is still drivable, which is good since it's the only car we have. My back & neck are killing me though. I already have a bad back so I've been aching today & I know it'll probably be worse tomorrow.

Thankfully the accident was not my fault. The guy driving & his 33-week pregnant wife (you'd think he'd be more careful!) tried to blame me but the police told me that from the skid marks it didn't look like the guy was telling the truth.

So, the report put them at fault but because they were from out of town they didn't get a ticket! That makes no sense at all! Being from out of town allows you to be a reckless driver?!? Oh well, at least my insurance won't go up.

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