Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Still Livin' "Large"

Yep, this little guy is still waiting to arrive. Today I'm officially more pregnant than I've ever been before as I'm only two days from my due date. Totally fine with me, I'm so preoccupied with the girls and everything that going into labor isn't really at the forefront of my mind. At my appointment this morning I was measuring 39.5 weeks and had dropped a pound - that's the first time I've ever lost weight after the first trimester, even though it seems it happens to a lot of my friends.

Andrea said even if I go into labor tomorrow afternoon to give her a call (yay!). Ray is really hoping this little guy comes on my birthday, Friday; now that we're so close to that date I'm thinking it would be kind of neat if that happened. I just hope the baby gets here before Sunday because if he doesn't I'm going to have to go back to work Sunday afternoon. Um...really not what I was planning to do next week.

We had a fun little date on Monday. Before we went to Barnes & Noble we made a quick stop for a fancy dinner of hot dogs at Sam's. While eating we saw this guy waiting for his food:

We were laughing like little kids & sneaking pictures while Ray kept saying "Fo shizzle" because the guy reminded him of Snoop Dog!


Lisa said...

Thinking of you during this "waiting time". Hope he arrives before Sunday so you don't have to work :)

Caroline said...

Have you popped yet???

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Been a faithful reader since 2004!


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