Friday, July 16, 2010

It's Friday?!?

Ray & I both agreed that this past week has gone by insanely fast for us. In all honesty it's a bit of a blur for me.

I wouldn't really say that we're getting into a great routine or anything yet, but I'm enjoying getting used to the new family dynamic we have going on. I'm a tad anxious about how things are going to go once I have to go back to work, though.

Right now, to make up for my missed hours, Ray is working extra. So, he goes to work during the day & then comes home & works until midnight for our reservationist job. We go to church Sunday morning, we come home & he works, we go back to church & then he comes home & works again. With that kind of schedule it kind of feels like I'm a bit of a single parent for the moment.

That's why I completely took advantage of the help for the first two weeks. I knew it would get a bit hectic after the help was gone. But we're dealing well enough. Last week I toted all of the kids to my 2-week post-natal visit, then to the store, then to another baby appointment & then to the library. It took about five hours (during lunch & nap time) but we managed.

Part of it is that it's just what must be done but the biggest thing is the Lord totally giving the grace & strength I need for the situation. While it's not ideal, it definitely doesn't feel horrible or anything. In all honesty, I'm completely enjoying this time to be a full-time mom again - I definitely didn't appreciate it enough before I started this job! It's exhausting & taxing both mentally & physically but I ENJOY it. That makes a huge difference. I feel great accomplishment in taking care of my family, teaching the kids, cooking healthy meals and tending to the house cleaning.

It's so nice not needing to squeeze in everything around work anymore - most everyday I'm able to have a nice meal or two prepared AND the house is all tidy at the end of the day - I've even finished all of my ironing! (my most dreaded of chores) I have more time to read to the kids and to let Addison help me cook - she LOVES helping me cook & takes great pride in making us all eggs for breakfast.

Kate is just as silly as ever, running around in circles and "dancing." She loves putting anything she can find on her head - this is the hat that Ray's dad bought for Addison at the last Ray's game he took her to.

And, this little guy, who I just adore to snuggle. I love this little newborn phase, they're so squishy and cuddly.

So, right now everything is just blurring together a bit. I did go to Ella's new house for a bit on Monday & got to hang out drinking coffee and looking at magazines while Kate played with Sophie (Clay slept & Addison was with Ray while he was working at his grandmothers'). Yesterday I saw this double rainbow outside our house in the evening!

And, tonight, Ray didn't have to work. His mom took the girls so we could go out to spend some time together - I'd desperately been hoping for this all week! We went to the mall & did a bit of shopping (I burned through some more of my birthday money) & we sat in Barnes & Noble drinking coffee & reading. Clay was pretty good throughout so we could enjoy ourselves.

Ray only has to work a couple of hours tomorrow so we're talking about going to the springs tomorrow - I'm sure it will be packed but it should be fun!

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Tricia said...

Addison kept telling me she was going to the springs and was going to kick her legs :)


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