Wednesday, January 26, 2011

That chocolate cake will be the death of me.

Poor Ray came home from work last night with a fever around 102 & it has pretty much stayed in the 101-103 range since. Today he took his first sick day since starting his job & Ray didn't even come out of our room until 5:25 this afternoon! A little after 7:00 he went back to bed. I'm glad he was able to rest & I really hope that if I come down with this it doesn't hit me until the weekend so that I can rest.

While Ray was lying in bed today I did make sure to remind him that if I was sick I couldn't take a day off, I'd still be out with the kids taking care of them. I think it's good for the guys to remember that, & no better time to remind them of that than when they're feeling terrible, right??

Since Ray was home today when Kate & Clay took their naps I took Addison on a date to Target. She had her sprinkle cookie & some chicken tenders & I read "Tangled" to her in the cafe.

Before we left she told me to make a silly face "like this" & she showed me her example. This was my best try at the face she was giving me:

Later in the day Clay was chilling out in one of his toys when I saw this:

Guess Addison decided her shirt would make a good hat for Clay.

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