Friday, January 28, 2011

Where's Kate?

I have several pictures of Addison from this week, but, hardly any of Kate. The poor girl. I tried to remedy that this morning (was it only this morning?) while she was eating some breakfast.

I can't believe how big she's become. Next to Addison she's still small but her looks are really starting to change & she's definitely lost the little baby body. Kate also woke up from her nap on Monday with a high fever but when she woke up the next morning it was completely gone. She never had any other symptoms, either.

Ray is doing much better now but I was awaked this morning to the sound of Addison wailing in her bed. She'll tell you, "I threw up one, two, three, four times." (it cracks me up, she doesn't just say she threw up four times, she has to count it out) She had a low-grade fever today but, other than that, has been fine. It was enough reason for me to cancel piano for today, I didn't want to risk giving those kids anything.

As I've mentioned before Addison practically lives in her dress-up clothes & bathing suits. She really loves her wedding dress & really anything to do with weddings. If she sees a picture or commercial with someone in a wedding dress she gets so excited. If a movie has a scene from a wedding she wants to watch that scene over & over. She also likes to learn about my wedding. So, the other day, she was playing in her wedding dress when she asked me, "Mommy, did you wear gloves at your wedding?" (No, I didn't) I thought she might like to look through some of our wedding photos.

It was a hit! She loved looking at them & went through the album again the next day.

Addison especially gets excited over "flippers, "or, slippers, as they're more commonly known. The girl has a thing for shoes. Just like her mom. And her grandmother, get the idea. Shoes are an important accessory. And, it's not just heels, the girls really like trying on my boots, too.


Tricia said...

I read, "Her grandmother." and I thought Gram has a thing for shoes? Then I realized that it was me. I'm her grandmother......I'm her grandmother?! No! I'm Maemae!

hilltopper said...

this last picure...has pretty woman written all over it, except the tiara.

Jessica said...

Ha! Indeed it does, Monica.


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