Thursday, March 31, 2011

Busy as a Bee

So, it hit me yesterday that over the next two weeks the only day that we don't have anything scheduled is tomorrow. Yikes! It's fun to be busy, but, it's also nice to take breaks. So, my plan is to keep the kids home tomorrow and save any errands for after they're in bed.

I wouldn't be a good Floridian if I didn't mention the weather we've had this week! Over in my area today was insane; thankfully, we didn't get the storm as bad as my family in central Florida, their storms moved in yesterday & my mom was without power for over a day! Today was fabulous (if you could stay inside & enjoy the grey over a nice hot cup of coffee) even with the hail this morning.

We have our dance/gymnastics on Thursday mornings and with the pounding rain I didn't think we'd make it out. I'm okay driving in it, but, when you have three kids to load in & out of a car you're guaranteed to get soaked (especially when the boat gets prime parking real estate in the garage & your van is kicked to the curb - or driveway in this instance). We did keep getting waves of lighter rain before it started pounding again so I decided to take the kids. I probably would've stayed home except that this was the morning I had to pick up Addisons' dance costumes for her recital & sit in on the mandatory meeting after gymnastics - a meeting that lasted over an hour! So, while we usually get out around 10:!5 we didn't leave the center until almost NOON!

Thankfully, we were able to stay home for the rest of the day & enjoy all of the thunder, lightening & rain (no more hail over here, although, they did spot tornadoes!)

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