Friday, March 11, 2011

I knew today had to be better

Mind over matter? I don't think so, I just felt much better than I did yesterday. I was still a bit sore but not achy flu-like sick. Clay has been fever-free for over a day but is still congested.

I finally felt well enough today to finish hemming curtains & hanging them in the kitchen - it looks so much better than the blinds that have been there all these years! I would've done it sooner if window treatments weren't so expensive. Actually, all of my windows would look much better if window treatments weren't so expensive. As it is, I took some of my ebay money & bought two packs of the $15/pair curtains from IKEA & I had a Target gift card & found a curtain rod clearanced down to less than $10!!!

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. In the morning we have a mother/daughter tea at church. I'm only taking Addison with me...I'd take Kate, too, but it's 2.5 hours long, with real China, a speaker...I think with them both being so young it will be better if I'm only tending to one of the girls. (Addison was super excited when she found out she & I were going somewhere without anyone else)

After the tea party we're going to Ruths' birthday party. I can't believe she's five already...FIVE! The time is going by crazy fast. I'm really excited, too, because Rach commissioned me to make hors d'Ĺ“uvres for the party. I've been so looking forward to doing that! I've started prepping & I'll rush home between the two parties to wrap up. One of the recipes I've never made before but I'm hopeful that everything will turn out okay.

I'm working tonight so Ray decided to build a fort in the living room to spend the night in with the girls tonight. I was quite impressed, he even found twinkle lights to add on! They're in there now watching a Shirley Temple movie.

With all of the blankets & pillows it actually looks quite comfy inside!

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That's cool :)
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