Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Bossiness Comes in Small Packages

While I have many details & photos to post from the past 24 hours, I'd rather give you these for tonight. Addison has a growing love for taking photos. I rather enjoy letting her use the camera & then looking through everything she can see & deems interesting from her counter-height eyes.

Tonight she instructed Ray & I for a little photo shoot. "You guys sit here. Now smile. First smile & then make a funny face like this." (demonstrates face)

Smiling faces

Our best try at Addisons' "funny face." (We copied her well enough as she didn't tell us to do it again)

"Okay, now stick out your tongues. And smile."

Okay... (I'm busting up laughing at this point. I probably would've been laughing even more if I could've seen Rays' face while taking this photo!)

Addison wanted us to take a photo of her next. Ray decided he wanted to be in the photo with her. Addison wasn't keen on this, but, since he wouldn't get up, she just covered up his smile.

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Tricia said...

I like seeing Rays funny side.


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