Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day Off?

Today, not so much. Lovely morning at church, even with the diminished crowds due to illness. (not sure how we're avoiding it, but, it's been 3.5 weeks since anyone here was sick - still, with everything going around I keep pulling out the thermometer to check temperatures!) We skipped the meeting this evening because Ray was at his mom's house working on our taxes (yep, May, working on taxes).

So, my afternoon was like so many other - played with the kids outside in the sprinkler & blowing bubbles, I made the invitations for Clay's birthday party, cleaned both bathrooms, cleaned the kitchen, washed some laundry, gave all of the kids baths, practiced my "mom" skills in the discipline area. You know, it was pretty much like any other day.

We didn't make any advanced plans for tomorrow; part of me wanted to see if some friends could get together to cook out but the other part of me wanted to take advantage of the full day off we have from Ray's full-time job AND Hilton.

So, tomorrow morning the five of us are going canoeing on a local river and we'll be cooking out at home later in the day. Anyone else have any plans for tomorrow?

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