Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nine Years

Nine years ago today I married my first love. I was truly surprised this morning when I woke up & found a card leaning against the coffee maker (I love that Ray knew right where to put it so that I'd find it.

The card was perfect. I love funny cards & while this one wasn't funny it wasn't overly sappy sweet. (I can handle the flowy ones when I know the words truly match exactly what the person giving the card feels)

Anyway, I loved this particular note from Ray in the card:

9 years
3 children
2 years at Hilton
1 cat
0 dollars

THAT made me laugh!

After Ray got home from work this evening we all ate dinner at home together & then made a family trip to target & shared a coffee before going to church.

I'd actually asked Ray if we could stay home from church tonight but he was in charge of leading the meeting & didn't want to back out. Even though it would've been nice to spend an evening just the two of us for our anniversary, I truly respect his decision & I'm happy he chose to keep that commitment. Ray's dedication is one of the things I love about him!


Lisa said...

How lovely!
Happy Anniversary :)

Vickie said...

Love what he wrote! Happy Anniversary! Hope you had a God blessed day!

Tricia said...

Love what Ray wrote. His dedication is one of the things I really respect.

amy said...

So sweet!! Happy Anniversary and many more happy years!


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