Monday, May 16, 2011


I love watching the kids play dress-up. Addison is always running around in princess dresses and dragging my chenille throws around the house pretending it's Rapunzel hair. Today, this was Kates' outfit of choice (earlier she really topped it off when she wore a leopard coat, too!):

The girls painted their nails a lovely shade of black today, too. I left them at the table working on their writing (Addison with a black marker & one of those wipe away mats) while I took a call in the other room. Before I know it they're running to me with their painted toe nails. And finger nails.

On a different note, a couple of weeks ago we went to Baskin Robbins for their 30-cent scoop night. Did anyone else go? Our entire family had ice cream for $3! I tried the mint oreo. Oh. My. I could eat more right now.

We even let Clay try ice cream for the first time. He wasn't too into it.

With as much Ben & Jerry's that I ate while I was pregnant (the third pregnancy was when I discovered I could easily down an entire pint) you'd think it's be love at first bite for Clay.

I've never been keen to push the sweets on the kids at an early age, but, Clay had his first grocery store cookie today when he started squealing in the middle of the stores when the girls got a cookie & he didn't. Of course, I ate half of it. It's not like he noticed. Plus, I really think the moms should get deserve cookies, too, don't you?

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