Sunday, June 19, 2011

More Birthday Celebrations

After Clay's party yesterday the girls went to spend the night at Ray's dads' & my parents stayed at our house & watched Clay so that Ray & I could go out (yay!).

We went to dinner at Carrabbas, finally using the gift card I received over a year ago. Since it was my birthday I declared I was going to order "whatever I want." We shared the fried calamari.

Look at the fried heart attack on a plate!


I love fried calamari. I remember loving it at Carrabbas, too, but, this time it just didn't hit the spot. It was way too salty & spicier than I prefer. Either we got a bad batch, my taste buds have changed, or they changed the recipe.

For our main course Ray & I split the Chicken Bryan. My all time favorite. Even though it's so easy to make at home there's just something about having someone else cook it for you. That combined with the garlic mashed potatoes, Caesar salad & hot bread was simply wonderful! My taste buds were in heaven & I was a happy girl!

I was too full for dessert but the waitress surprised me with a little mini dessert to take home! We dropped off the food at our house & then went to Barnes & Noble for a bit of coffee & reading & then came home to watch a movie we'd rented.

I was so exhausted but I still didn't go to be until 1am! It was a wonderful birthday!


amy said...

Yum!! We went to Carrabba's tonight--for the first time!!

Anonymous said...

Little Clay looks just like his dad!


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