Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bridal Shower in Green

This morning I co-hosted a bridal shower for Rach's younger sister Leah. I can't believe she's getting married next month! Her best friend, Emily, planned the shower and we held it at my house. I was also given the privilege of making some of the decorations & assisting with a bit of the planning, but, really, this was the easiest party I've ever had at my place!

Emily & her mom came over yesterday so we could plan some set-up & then they came over a couple hours early this morning to finalize everything. Emily took care of a good bit of the decor, the favors (a candy bar!), table settings, gift card wreath, etc...

Ru, Bride-to-be Leah, and hostess Emily

Candy Bar!!!

The mason jars to fill up with candy

The food table. Remember the bed canopy from the girls' princess party? We used it today for a touch of elegance. And, let's face it, it just looks cool (& pulls the look together!)

Me & some of the girls (Rach, Katherine & Briana)

I think everything went so wonderfully! It was beautiful & fun. We also made a coffee bar - complete with hot coffee (espresso - I think that's why people usually like the coffee at my house, I usually brew espresso & I brew it strong!) I also made knock-off frappuccinos - complete with OREO's! So delicious.

While blending the second batch of "frappuccinos" the blade stopped working on the blender but I could still hear whirring. I stopped it & took the blender off the base only to find that the plastic that turns the blade had melted! I turned just the base on & the melted plastic flew off & pelted us!

Clean-up was a cinch - I barely had to do anything, everyone was so helpful! I need to enlist that kind of help for every party!

Tonight I'm working a shift from 4:30-midnight. Not my first choice after such a busy day, but, the company requires us to work 25 hours each a week for the month of July so I had to get my hours in somehow. I'm surprised at how quickly it's gone so far & it's actually going really well! 6 hours down, 1.5 hours to go!

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Anonymous said...

Awww... I'm sorry I missed it, but glad to hear Ms. Leah was honored in such a special way. She deserves it. EVERYONE loves Leah. - Ella


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