Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New York City!!

Where do you even begin with a post like this? Yesterday was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! Basically the ultimate girls day out - and well deserved! Jen & I took two other seminary wives with us to NYC - if we had all brought our kids there would have been 12 kids with us. Instead, we only brought Clay with us so it was a breeze!

We left the house around 7am & picked up the other girls. We drove into Hoboken, NJ & then took the path train into the city, exiting onto 33rd street & Broadway, right by Macy's.

We walked a bit & then ate lunch outside on Broadway. It was so fun having relaxing girl time: normal talking, shopping & coffee drinking except in NYC instead of our local mall!

While walking along Broadway I was so excited to see these guys pushing a huge cart of fabric:

We walked through Times Square & then made it over to Rockefeller Center.

Clay received the "King" treatment when we came to steps. This especially came true at the metro station when we were in the elevator & it came to our floor, stopped & the doors wouldn't open. We waited & they wouldn't open. We pressed the emergency call button and no one answered. After some momentary panic we got the elevator to go back up & the doors finally opened. And, we began taking the stairs - it sure beat the smelly stuffy elevators!

Fifth Avenue

I'm in looove with all of the gorgeous window displays!

We took a stroll through central park & took some time to sit & chat while drinking our $2.50 bottles of water!

Next stop: Canal Street for some shopping! "Coach, Louis, Dolce & Gabbana" I refrained from buying any "authentic fakes" but we still had fun getting some deals in all of the little shops.

After walking Canal/Chinatown we went into Little Italy for some dinner.

We had hoped to stop for some frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity, but, we weren't up for waiting over an hour to do so. Instead, we started making our way to Carnegie Deli for some cheesecake. While walking we got caught in a torrential downpour! The rain let up enough to walk but Clay was very unhappy about getting so wet. Because it was 9pm & some of the shops were closing up & cleaning out there were piles of boxes outside one of the shops. One of the girls grabbed one & made Clay a tent. I declared that he looked like a homeless baby.

"My mommy took me to New York & all I got was this box"

We took our cheesecake out to the streets & ate along Broadway with the lights of Times Square in the background.

Bloomingdales - I love NYC at night!

We had to wrap up our night & head back to Jersey - we just barely made the last train! We finally arrived home around 3am - that was an insanely long & surreal day!


MegKat.com said...

Sounds like a great time. Glad you're having dun on your trip :)

(I'm currently entertaining your children, who are both up at 10:30pm because they took long late naps, with pictures on the magnadoodle. Hooray!)

Jessica said...

Long late naps are a baaaad thing - especially for a 4.5 year old! Did they have chocolate cake, too? :)

MegKat.com said...

Yes, chocolate cake after dinner. (This is not my doing!)


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