Friday, July 22, 2011

Time with #3

One nice thing about this getaway has been the one-on-one time with Clay. It's so fun getting to enjoy all of his smiles & laughs without the distraction of the other kids.

Not to mention how easy it's been on me only caring for him. My mind hasn't been divided into three this week! Bedtime & mealtime is a breeze.

I don't think I realized just how stressful the past week or so had been with the girls until I took this break from everything. This vacation came at just the right time!

If I think about it then I'm mentally prepped to go back home. Honestly, though, I haven't been thinking about it because I just want to enjoy all of my time away. When I begin to think about everything we'll do at home (as I do on other trips) I start to get anxious to go home & get started on everything. I didn't want to rush this week! The problem is that now I need to start thinking about going home so that I'm ready for the real world again! (Hello, Sunday midnight shift!)

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