Thursday, August 11, 2011

Early Steps

Yesterday morning I took Clay to an appointment with Early Steps - a free program which brings therapy into your home so that you can teach your child in their own environment.

Clay is still rather physically delayed for his age. It's actually funny to see the difference between him & his not quite 7-month-old cousin, Oliver. Oliver sits up on his own, crawls, pulls himself to stand, cruises, takes steps when you hold his hands and talks! Clay should be doing most, if not all, of those things. Right now he can sit up and kind of army crawl.

So, yesterday was Clay's evaluation & he qualified! The good news is that he qualified, but barely. Meaning he's not too far behind so hopefully it will only take a little bit of therapy to get him up to speed. He scored very high in the cognitive area (my smart & social boy!) but he lacks in motors skills. Which can also affect the other things, such as his inability to use a straw until two weeks ago.

I'm so glad that they'll be coming out to our house for this, once a week. We're supposed to find out our dates & teacher in the next couple of weeks.


Meg Kat said...

That's so great! It will be fun to see Clay's progress as he learns new things :)

Briana D. said...

That boy of yours is so sweet. I am really looking forward to having him over on Tuesdays. Avery talks about Clay all the time, even more than Kate or Addison!

Lisa said...

They are just concerned about his skills though, right? Not about his size or anything else? This therapy sounds really good. Hope it is a blessing. :)

Jessica said...

Thanks, B. :)

Lisa, they weren't at all concerned about his size, just his abilities. :)

Lisa said...

That's good to hear, Jessica - he should ace this then :) I will be watching keenly. God bless. :)


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