Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fevers and Diaper Rash, Oh My!

Clay was so mellow yesterday. I know, he's usually mellow so it took me awhile before I noticed that he was even more docile than usual. We were out running errands when I felt Clay & thought he felt hot. When we got home I took his temperature - it spiked at 103.1 yesterday!

We've now had two days of very bad diapers, resulting in a horrible diaper rash & such a raw bottom that the skin is broken & bleeding. Clay seems to be on the mend today with his fever only reaching 101.

The girls thought Clay could use some toys while he was resting on the floor.

So far, no one else is sick. I hope it stays that way, we have a busy week coming up!


Briana D. said...

Oh, poor boy! We will be praying for his fever and his rash.

Kimberly said...

There is a REALLy bad stomach bug going around up here, that a few of our homeschool families had. (we have been avoiding it, but ti always gets bad when school starts up)
Crossing my fingers and hoping thats NOT what it is and that the girls don't come down with it in the near future. :(


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