Friday, August 26, 2011

Fun Friday

I think it was the weather. Seriously, the weather was particularly wonderful today. It's almost cruel considering our nice weather is because of the destructive hurricane off the coast. Today our sky was incredibly blue with hardly a cloud & we had a lovely breeze. And, call me crazy, the light from the sun even looked different today. It totally felt like an almost (Florida) Fall day.

This morning Kate read a book to her bear

The kids love that cat. Yes, there is a cat under there!

Clay & Addison showing each other some love

Clay chilled with the cat while I was teaching piano this afternoon

Tonight I'm working my 6-midnight shift and I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. It's a big BIG day! Leah Joy is getting married!! I'm so excited for her, I can't believe she's getting married tomorrow!

Normally, I'd be excited for Saturday anyway because it would mean my weekly grocery trip (alone). I know, it doesn't take much, right? You should've seen how happy I was this morning after getting my floors mopped. Plus, tomorrow is the first Saturday night that I don't have to work in over a month & I'm so glad to have it off (even though Ray will be working instead, I still need the break!)

Does anyone else have any nice plans for the weekend? Hopefully everyone I know in the path of the hurricane will stay safe!

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