Monday, August 01, 2011

Time for School!

What a way to kick off the first of August, our first school meeting of the year! Actually, I still think school shouldn't begin until September & should only run through May. But, since we're joining a structured home school program I don't have as much liberty with school dates.

This evening was an unofficial meeting for the tutors and it was very informative for me, especially since this is my first year tutoring. I'm pretty excited about it and a little nervous. I know once I get going & have thorough lesson plans I'll feel more confident. As it is, I need to plan out the 2.5 hours of class time plus our daily lessons at home. I still have some books and materials to purchase and only three weeks until our first meeting!

When does school begin for everyone else? If you home school, when will you begin?


Georgia said...

I started home schooling J at 3 1/2.Last 2 yrs in Fl I started right after labor day and dd not take a spring break,instead we took time off for vacation,guests and family visiting us.This yr in Indiana most schools get started on the 9th of Aug.Godwilling we will start on the 15th of Aug.Enjoy your yr.Make it fun and submit to God and at the end of the yr you will find it a blessing and happy for your children.I was nervous to start and so used the first yr as trial yr when J was 3 1/2.Talk to experienced people and you will be encouraged and Lord will help you do it.

Jessica said...

Thanks, Georgia! Hope you all have a good school year, too!

Renee said...

The August start dates were something I had to get used to after 10 years of beginning after Labor Day, but I must say in Florida it works out well because we are finished with CC stuff by the last week of March and can enjoy the nice weather and just stick to our library visits, math and reading. Oh I also adore the 6 weeks on 1 week off routine. It keeps my sanity. So glad you are doing CC!


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