Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Danville, KY

To begin our vacation last week we left Tampa around 7pm & drove through the night until we reached Danville, KY around 8am. It made for an exhausting day, but, it was nice to visit with family! Megan, Oliver & my mom have been staying with my grandmother, "Gram," for a few weeks now.

Megan made us a lovely breakfast, we hung out around the house, Ray worked, we went out to lunch at Fazolis & did some shopping at Goodwill!

This picture of Clay just cracks me up.

In the afternoon my mom & I took Clay with us for coffee at The Hub. Best coffee drink I've had! Most places (Starbucks) really skimp on espresso shots (20oz drinks only get two shots!). My mom bought me the depth charge. I've been craving another one ever since.

My Uncle Kenny, the Fire Marshall in town, joined us for a quick visit & was able to meet Clay for the first time. Clay liked him so much that I had to pry him off of Kenny when it was time to leave!

Four generations. My grandmother & her daughter with her daughters & our children.

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Lisa said...

That coffee looks AWESOME! hmmmm I could totally go one of those. :)


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