Saturday, September 03, 2011

Life in the Small Town

After our leisurely breakfast this morning we drove down to the local farmers market by the lake. It was so quaint! It didn't take long to see everything so then we decided to walk around town - again, quaint! Not much was open yet (also, closed for the holiday weekend) but we did find a large antique store to look around & then we walked to the town square.

As we were walking Addison was all smiles commenting, "This is so nice that we can all walk together & not have to go home!" It makes me sad that we get so little opportunity to spend time together as a family that a simple walk together is a big deal. But, it makes me appreciate the times we do get together even more!

Ray & the kids ran around together & then the splash park turned on! (They only run it from 11:30-1:30 & then 4:30-6:30, strange, don't you think?)

Playing leapfrog!

How cool is this?! We found it in the park - someone arranged fallen magnolia leaves & cones to look like a flower!

In the past week Clay has begun to make leaps & bounds with his mobility! On Wednesday, at my parents' house, he pulled himself into a standing position for the first time! He still struggles pulling himself up with a higher object, but, he does okay with something close to the ground.

Today at the splash park he was starting to try to crawl on all fours instead of army crawling & he started to get up on his hands & feet (starting on his yoga!)

I feel like all of a sudden Clay has started to lose his babyness & is turning into a toddler.

I can't believe how big my boy looks now!

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Lisa said...

Wow! Go Clay :) That is awesome progress!


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