Saturday, September 17, 2011

Photo Hiatus

I have been awful, just awful, about taking pictures lately. We've been busy, too!

We're achieving a fairly nice consistency with our daily school schedule & our class/group that meets on Tuesdays is going so well! Since I'm tutoring a class of six-year-olds I call Rach for the run down on Addison & her class (since Rach is in there with Ruthie). Each week the kids give a presentation in front of the class. Apparently, my daughter does not possess the same fear of performing in front of others that her mother had at that age & spent about 10 minutes talking to her class about a shell she found at the springs!

This past Tuesday after class Briana brought her kids & Clay to IKEA where the girls & I met them for lunch & shopping (kids eat free on Tuesdays!). I also discovered that Kate is now tall enough to go in the play area! Oh happy day!!!

Seriously, you wouldn't believe my excitement when she was able to go in there.

Wednesday I had a couple of new piano students being their lessons. It's two young sisters, they seem sweet & well-behaved, however, I'd love to get a more advanced student. It's honestly much more enjoyable to teach more challenging music.

Today we had a lovely play date at Ella's house. Absolutely enjoyable. And, yet again, no photos.

I do have a photo from dinner tonight. Clay has learned to give a big smile when he sees the camera!

Addison would rather do a "surprised" pose for the camera.

Kate loves her dolls now & wants to take them everywhere!


Brewier said...

Who is that little kid with no shirt on behind Addison? :)

Tricia said...

those can't be your children, they're wearing clothes.


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