Wednesday, October 26, 2011

On the Prowl

The kids and I walked/biked (a four & two-year-old=the slowest bike rides, ever!) down to the park this morning & Clay was all about crawling around in the dirt but he was a bit quicker out on the huge basketball court. Clay is sooo very close to taking steps. He started balancing on his own two weeks ago & last Tuesday he took the tiniest of a step.

Anyway, that basketball court is the perfect place for a game of chase. I decided to add in a little school review while we were at it by reviewing one of our learning points for the week before a new chase would begin. I just love being able to incorporate learning into everything & making it fun!

Addison is also hilarious when it comes to chase. When she's pursuing me I eventually start to slow down so she can tag me. The problem is that Addison begins to slow down, too, and won't tag the person she's chasing. I think she just doesn't quite get it.

Clay is nursing a very slight cold right now so he & I stayed home from prayer meeting tonight. After putting him to bed I was afforded the time to get some of the nitty gritty cleaning & organizing accomplished. Right now I feel like I can barely finish the basics, such as floors & bathrooms & the extras, like clutter, dusty baseboards & fans are really starting to drive me batty! I'm nabbing any opportunity I can get to take care of those details.

I've been told by other "been there, done that" moms that the toughest time is when you have three or more kids all under the age of five. I've noticed the difficulty more lately, I think with the addition of more structured school (along with the hours I put in each week preparing to tutor the class). I'm sure it would be slightly different if I'd been able to drop another responsibility (like work, ha!), but, instead I added on a couple more piano students. Regardless, I've been told by said moms that managing everything with the kids becomes much easier once the older ones start to reach their mid-elementary school years.

I'm sure it'd be much easier now if someone just came to clean my house for me once a week!

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Tricia said...

When you are incorporating fun and learning, don't ever tell your kids, "This counts as school!"
I know from personal experience this does not go over well :)


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