Monday, October 10, 2011

Repurposed Shirt = Brand New Skirt

Many of the clothes our children own were hand-me-downs from others. The older the kids get the fewer clothes they're given so right now Kate's wardrobe is much larger than Addison's. This is fine, but, Addison has been very disappointed over her lack of skirts. This evening is my night off of work for the week so after the kids went to bed I decided to do a little sewing & make Addison a new skirt.

Project commenced at 8:09.

I wasn't sure which fabric to use but as I was digging through the options I landed on the perfect material: an old shirt my picked up for me to repurpose from Goodwill.

Being a spur of the moment project I hadn't taken any measurements. There was a slight delay as I had to find a pair of Addisons' jeans & measure the waist to get an idea for elastic sizing. My elastic didn't catch the first time I sewed it so I had to rip out the thread & do it again.

Even with those set-backs just a short twenty minutes later I had this!

One of the best parts? The bottom of the shirt already had bias tape sewn around it so I didn't need to do any hemming! I decided to add a little flair to the front of the skirt; I've yet to determine if I'll keep it there.

I really hope Addison is excited about it when she wakes up tomorrow morning!

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Tricia said...

How cute! I have a skirt and a dres to mail to Addison.


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