Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Since last Thursday Kate has been kind of "off." She randomly gets really whiny, clingy & throwing tantrums.

She was fine today until we arrived at school and then she got really upset about which shoes she wanted to wear versus what she had to wear. Kate calmed down quickly & we went inside to set up my room.

When I went to drop off Kate & Clay in the preschool room Kate started freaking out. She's never freaked out about it, she always loves to go to her preschool program! When I passed Kate to her teacher Kate was kicking in her arms & pulled off her glasses. It was awful.

I was finally able to leave her but she kept screaming & screaming until they had to take her out of the class. Which meant, she spent the morning with me!

Thankfully, that's all Kate wanted this morning, to be by mommy, & she was super quiet & well-behaved & enjoyed coloring while she sat in my class.

Because our focus this year is on the US (history, geography, etc) for part of a fun review session the kids had two huge maps that someone passed on to us for them to color. Kate had a lot fun helping them with that!

Kate's pretty much been fine for the rest of the day & I really hope she's back to herself by next week!

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