Friday, December 16, 2011

The Deer in Orlando

No, there are no deer at my parents house in Orlando. Yet, we had to close the doors leading into the screened in patio & close all of the blinds in the house because Kate is convinced that a deer is going to "get" her.

Several weeks ago we actually had a deer in the backyard at our house. I don't know that Kate has mentioned the deer since, but, tonight it's all she can talk about.

"That deer came up & went 'roar!'"

No, no it didn't. It saw all of the kids through the window of our house & quickly ran back into the woods.

Regardless, she's acting rather terrified at my parents house tonight. To top off matters, my mom has a little wood deer in her foyer which I'm resisting moving next to Kate's bed. I just couldn't do that to my child! (although, it really makes me laugh to think about)

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