Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mom!!!

Today is my mom's birthday and we went to the mall after putting the kids to bed tonight. Walking by Hollister, the "Hollister Guys" were standing at the entrance where all the teeny bopper girls stop to take their picture.

As we walked by I convinced my mom that she should get her picture taken with them - sine it's her birthday. I made sure to tell the guys it was her birthday & she commented that she's 50.

I wish you could have seen the guys face on her left. His eyes opened wide & his eyebrows shot up in surprise, "Really?!" It was PRICELESS! As we shopped later in the night I kept busting up laughing whenever I'd remember the look on his face. (It was especially funny since when we'd walked by earlier he'd noticeably checked her out!)

Seriously, she doesn't look fifty at all. Happy Birthday, Mom!

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