Monday, December 05, 2011

A Truly Happy Birthday!

You need only look at the below photos to see how happy Kate was to celebrate her birthday today.

This morning I asked Kate what she wanted for her special birthday breakfast. Her response?

"Um, probably peas."

She does love peas! So, she had some frozen peas as well as some Ritz crackers, cereal & oatmeal.

The kids video chatted with my mom & Megan & then my friend Briana came over with her two girls for a couple of hours this morning. I completely forgot to take ANY photos this morning & only remembered once we were on a walk to Target this afternoon.

Briana gave the girls giftcards today for their birthday & Ray had the van again so we walked to Target. This time I let Kate walk, thinking she'd make it a small distance & then get tired & want to ride in the stroller. Instead, she did even better than Addison & actually ran about one of the two miles! Even once we were in the Target parking lot she was STILL running! I was super impressed.

Kate also received a birthday call from Grandma on our walk - she was quite pleased about that!

We had to get our free kids cookie in the bakery, but, when she found out it was Kate's birthday, Ellie made her a special mini cupcake instead.

We did a little shopping with the gift cards - the girls had the BEST TIME! Ray picked us up on his way home & Kate chose for us to get deli chicken & potato wedges for her birthday which we ate at the Starbucks inside of Target.

We then went home & sang to Kate - can you tell how pleased she was???

We gave Kate her very own brand-new magna doodle for her birthday. She loved it & started drawing on it right away!

Me and my fun little three-year-old!

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