Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A wonderful Christmas Time!

This morning the girls were very excited to make some cookies with me! We made one of Ray's favorites, peanut butter blossoms, which, aren't really a Christmas cookie, yet, I always make them at Christmas time.

When Ray arrived home this evening we finally decorated our tree - we didn't even get it until this past Sunday! That was a fiasco unto itself. We stopped at two different tree farms, each quite a ways north of here, & they were already mostly out of trees. There was nothing at either one for us & we finally ended up getting a tree from Home Depot. It's only between 6-7 feet tall, I'm not used to having such a tiny tree anymore! I did get to buy my favorite kind of Christmas tree, though, a Frasier - it's the little things.

Before decorating the tree we also finally took our Christmas card photo. It made for some fancy decorating photos!

My handsome little guy

Check it out, Addison is totally my daughter. We weren't trying to pose like each other for these photos, we were just minding our own business decorating the tree...

Multi-tasking: eating a quesadilla while decorating

When my parents were first married my mom bought boxes of these little heart ornaments. We always used them as a kid, so, though they may not be the most chic, I always add some to our tree for sentimental reasons.

Ray adding the finishing touch!

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