Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Holiday? What Holiday?

I'm pretty sure today is just Tuesday. At least it was in our book. Real life kind of prevents any production happening today. I'm really glad that Ray & I are both the kind of people who are okay with that.

Besides, Tuesday is the day we go to campus for our CC group. This morning it was up at 5am (only because the garbage man wakes up Clay & scares him!) then we left around 7:30 for class (running late!) & the only thing different this week is that Ray stayed home from work sick today. I don't remember him staying home sick once since he started this job!

Today was the last day for my CC group to pre-register for next year and the closer we get to year-end the busier I get learning the inner-workings and behind-the-scenes of the group. I'm finishing out my year tutoring, as well, so it's a balancing act right now.

After class the kids and I made it home close to around 1:30, I input registration data and payments, made dinner & then left around 2:45 in order to drive back to campus for a couple of meetings. I had to meet with the church leaders so that we could go over contracts and such and then the other directors and I met to go over our registrations thus far.

(This is where I'm thankful that Ray stayed home today because my original plan was to stay out all day on that side of town & have the kids with me during the meetings. The only reason I drove home was so that the kids could be with Ray, this definitely worked out in my favor!)

My drive home through rush hour traffic was taken up with more CC calls and then I had to call-in to our reservation job while I was still on the road & jump on the phone to work my 6-midnight shift when I walked in the door at 6:10 (late again!).

It was a great day, though. Not overwhelming, a little exhausting, but, fun & exciting, too. Don't get me wrong, it would kill me if everyday were like that. But, once in awhile, it's a nice pace.

Also, if today had been filled with cards & flowers & a dinner date, I wouldn't have turned that down. Ray & I do need to figure out some way to get out together. We haven't been on a date since September 5th! Yikes! I know we're not the only couple in this boat, which makes me think we need to start trading babysitting duty with other friends who need a night out!

I hope everyone else had an enjoyable Valentine's Day, too!

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