Sunday, March 04, 2012

Budding Fashionista

I'll admit, one fun thing about having girls is their desire to accessorize. Layering on the necklaces, trying on fancy shoes, painting nails...

I'll admit, many days I do let the girls dress themselves. Sometimes I totally regret this. Usually, they're much too insistent about wearing their chosen outfit that it's not worth the fight to change their clothes. (One of my friends said I need to make them buttons that state, "I dressed myself!" I think this is an excellent idea)

Sometimes, I'm quite impressed with the outfits they create! For example, I loved this little number that Kate came up with the other night.

I'd actually even wear something like this!

What about you, do you let your kids dress themselves?


amy said...

Totally! Jess wore a white long sleeved tee shirt under a sundress (that's one size too small) with navy blue leggings and boots to the fresh market at wiregrass yesterday. I should've taken a picture. Dave has a hard time accepting some of her outfits but I think I've convinced him to let her express herself!

Jessica said...

Hey, we were at fresh market yesterday, too!


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