Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Last Day

Our last day of Classical Conversations went very well today. I can't believe our first year has already come to an end! I also can't believe that I'm done tutoring and taking over full director responsibilities!

I made paper cones decorated with paper tape to hold the popcorn and brought in cupcakes for my class, too. They were SO excited. When I told the kids I brought them cupcakes one of the girls hugged me!

I also made them little goody bags filled with stickers, food shaped erasers, stickers and photos of our class. Complete with class name, year & all of our names.

The Essentials kids were able to cash in the tickets they've been earning for prizes today.

We also had pizza day to mark the end of the quarter and when I walked back into the building the Challenge II kids were dissecting their fetal pigs again this week. The whole hallway smelled horrible! They were also working on them last week & the Challenge A class were dissecting cow eyes. I touched one of the corneas - it was really strange and felt like a marble! It also made me feel sick to my stomach seeing those eyes, I've never been much of a science person.

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