Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mental Health Weekend

AKA Girls Weekend Away!!!

I say mental health weekend, though, because the entire time was spent in excellent edifying conversation. Through the driving, shopping, meals & the pool we just talked. And, talked. There was never time to look at any of the books and magazines we brought & the tv never went on. Instead we spent our time talking into the wee hours of the morning.

And, of course, the one morning we had to sleep in we were all wide awake by 7:15.

Our room was on the seventh floor, we had a view of the entire place!

The hotel is surrounded by outlets, malls & restaurants and we had quite the time with it all! It was incredibly fun to eat out all weekend at not so kid-friendly locations with not so kid-friendly food. Friday night we ate at a place called "The Grape."

We shared a pastry encased brie.

For my meal I ordered a platter of cheese, genoa salami, fig spread, olive tapenade, pepperoncini peppers and roasted peppers. Divine!

I also ordered room service for the first time in my life! Granted, we only ordered a pizza for dinner one night, but, it was such a treat. We'd spent so much time running around we opted to spend the last part of our getaway just at the hotel. Dining in our room (we also had a Cheesecake Factory cheesecake in our fridge!) & lounging in the hot tub.

It was very easy to relax poolside, no complaints here!

I'll also say how awesome all of our husbands are. They did everything with the kids - arranged play dates together, took everyone to Busch Gardens, & had them dressed & at church not just on time, but, early this morning! (I'm sure my kids also loved eating pizza for dinner two nights in a row and one morning for breakfast!)

Have you seen the trailer for the movie What to Expect? After this weekend, I picture our guys as the "Dudes group!" Of course, our guys are much more joyful (& responsible!) about fatherhood. The trailer still gives me such a laugh, though!

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