Saturday, May 12, 2012

You don't need photo ID to Fly

This is what we found out at 5am the morning we were leaving for California.

Five minutes before we were to leave, Ray couldn't find his drivers license. My stomach was churning & I seriously thought our entire vacation was over before it even began. I called the airlines & found out that you can fly with your Social Security card and birth certificate, both of which we have easily accessible.

By this point we were a bit late leaving for our flight & I convinced Ray that I should check my bag curbside & that the tip was worth it to save time. The security line was long & all I wanted was my coffee to enjoy on the flight. The Starbucks line was also incredibly long so with only 14 minutes until departure, I left the Starbucks line & walked to our gate.

Just in time, they were about to close the doors! I've never flown an airline that closes their doors 15 minutes early! I was very thankful that all of the little details worked out just right that we made it to our flight on time.

On our flight to connect in Houston. We'd only had 3.5 hours of sleep the night before & we were exhausted!

On our flight from Houston to San Francisco we flew over a LOT of desert. I'd never seen desert before & was surprired by how completely desolate the land was for our entire flight. I'm used to flying over the east coast where you can always spot houses & such.

Once in San Francisco we went to pick up the rental car - & waited for 45 minutes! It felt like we'd never get started on our drive. We also had to switch the reservation to my name since Ray never did find his drivers license (he did find an old license from 10 years ago, which he brought along for photo ID!)

We drove the coast on Highway 1 to our friends in Carmel Valley. Gorgeous!

My mom has always wanted to go to CA, but, because of health limitations has never been. So, she sent me with little ziplocks, a spoon & sharpie so that I can collect dirt from our travels for her.

We finally arrived at Jim & Avrils around 5pm, 16 hours after waking that morning. What a relief! We enjoyed some delicious food on their front porch.

I just can't imagine waking up to this view every morning!

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