Saturday, June 09, 2012

This Week

Our week began Hilton!

It also began with a migraine that kept me home from church on Sunday morning. I didn't get out of bed until 3:00! Thankfully, I was well enough to go to church in the evening as I was called in to play the piano. I was so nervous I was shaking & I totally butchered the first song. I hadn't played the piano at church in years & I haven't played much more than that at home, either.

Sunday evening our dear friends, Eddie, Sarah & kids, came & stayed with us for a couple of nights. Well, Ray had to take Eddie to the airport early Monday morning, but, Sarah & the kids stayed until Tuesday. It's always such fun having them here. I'm also terrible about taking photos while we're hanging out together though. That's why most of the photos whenever they visit are of the kids sitting around the breakfast table. It's my last minute attempt to capture the moment.

Sarah making me one of her delicious frapps. We share a love for these.

We still have lots of leftover floating lanterns from the girls birthday party last year so we lit some of those on Sunday night. Monday we spent the day at my mom's pool & in the evening we went to the wedding shower of an old friend. I saw some people there I hadn't seen in years!

Jessica & me. I don't know that we'd seen each other since before my wedding!

Tuesday began my first parent practicum in Lakeland. I only had to go to the afternoon sessions, but, it was driving through lots of rain in rush hour. My mom watched the kids for me which helped a lot! Tuesday night I had a directors meeting for the practicum I'm co-hosting next week in Tampa & I didn't get home until 10:30. This week has been spent with a lot of phone calls, e-mails & meetings. Last night my phone kept going off while we were eating & Ray asked if we were ever going to eat dinner again without being interrupted. I'm told that after next week it will be a different world! I'm so ready for this practicum to be over.

This weekend we've basked in not working Hilton. Do you know what a novelty it is not to spend everyday trying to squeeze everything in before 6:00? It's amazing! All day we kept commenting how nice it was. We had intended to have a garage sale this morning but the forecast called for lots of rain so we postponed. This meant it turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous day.

I hope next weekend is as nice!


Anonymous said...

It was great to see you and your family at our shower!

Lisa said...

The new layout is very clean and professional. I love it! :)


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