Sunday, August 26, 2012

It's all Greek to Me

This past week Ray has been working even more overtime than usual because of the Republican National Convention. Because the city of Tampa is hosting the RNC and Ray is a city employee his boss signed him up to work the call center. Didn't we just quit a call center job?!? Of course, no one can cover Ray's normal job so he still goes in around 6am & then works the call center from 11-8 everyday.

The call center opened a week before the actual convention so he'll be working the call center again this week. Ray also worked yesterday but arrived home around 4:30. We all piled into the van & drove to Tarpon Springs. First stop: Howard Park for some time at the beach.

Ray took the kids into the water as I watched from the shore.

I had to zoom in so far with this shot & the light was low so it's blurry, but, I love it!

Such lovely light from the sunset.

My view from the beach.

The beach closed at 8:30 so we drove to Tarpon Springs for dinner at Hella's. I adore Greek food! Tarpon Springs is a mix between an extreme tourist trap & a cute little place to visit.

Clay was in a daze, wondering why in the world he was eating dinner at 9pm.

Ray & I split a Greek salad, gyro & fries. So delicious! The kids all shared chicken tenders & fries - I wasn't taking any chances that they wouldn't like their dinner.

After our meal we walked over to the dessert portion of the restuarant & let the girls each choose a dessert from the case. So many choices! Kate picked a strawberry mousse cake & Addison chose red velvet cheesecake (covered in pink frosting - notice a theme with the pink desserts?). No chocolate!! Where did I go wrong??? At least it kept me from eating too much of the dessert.

(While we were eating a Greek Orthodox priest walked in, complete with patrons bowing & kissing his hands!)

Cannot. Contain. The. Excitement!!!

The look on Clay's face says it all: "First, they make me wait until 9:00 for my dinner & now they're interrupting my dessert. Let me eat this mediocre sugary mess in peace!"

What a fun evening! We had a great time & it was nice finally being all together. I did start to get a bit of a sore throat on our way home. I still can't tell if it's allergies or if I'm fighting a cold!

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