Sunday, September 02, 2012

Roller Skates

The other day I was at Salvation Army with Megan and we found out the reason for the packed parking lot - all clothes, purses & shoes are half off on Wednesdays! My fabulous find was a pair of roller skates for Addison for only $2.99!

She was ecstatic about them & has been wearing them all over the house (I love having hard floors). Her balance has definitely improved in just one day of wearing them!

Kate is also rather good at it. Even though they're big on her you can make the skates tight around the ankles. Kate can do just fine going around the house with them on.

Even Clay finally got a hold of them while his sisters were out. I was quite impressed that he can get himself into a standing position with them on the carpet & he was crawling all over the hard floors in them!


Tricia said...

I like how Ray is curling his toes so they don't get crushed :)

Becca@Carpet Cleaning In Perth said...

When starting to roller skate, remember to first relax, bend your knees and find your dominant leg and push off with it... Good luck kids, you can do it.. :)


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