Sunday, October 21, 2012

Life Recap

I've done such minimal posting lately - I feel like I need to do a big catch-up of the last four months of my life!

We've enjoyed some many dinners with friends, birthday parties, picnics, vacations and the like. Yet, I keep missing out on posting about them! My computer is loaded with photos.

Like these, from our Labor Day get away to some springs with a bunch of friends.

And these, from my day spent with Jen, Anna & their kids back in August, when Jen had to extend her stay in Florida. We took the kids for a picnic in the park, treated them to ice cream at McDonald's, & then some pool time at Jens' parents. That was a fun day, I remember I didn't get home with the kids until after 8pm!

An adorable Minnie Mouse birthday party for Avery.

We had a really great week at VBS back in July - here I am with Aimee on crazy hat night!

That's just a little glimpse into the past few months. There's much more to come!

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