Friday, October 12, 2012

Today I've had a bunch of sicko-kiddos.

My van battery has been dead since Wednesday. Ray has a new position with the city & is working lots of overtime - he got home on Wednesday a little after midnight so tonights arrival after 9 felt quite reasonable.

I've already declared that tomorrow morning I need to do a little grocery shopping. You know, alone.

All in all, it's been a fine week. I'm getting back in the groove of things since our trip, I have a bit of work I need to do for my new position & more training in Orlando next week.

We've had lovely weather the past two days & I've been able to have my house open - that makes me very happy!

Clay has had a cough & Monday night he began getting low fevers, 101.5. During the days he'd mostly be fine, but, at night he'd get the fever. Today he's been fever free, but, the girls are now sick. Kate has a cough & a low fever & Addison spiked a fever this morning (up to 103 something) & started throwing up tonight.

I take all of this as a blessing in disguise to keep us from being too busy this weekend. We've been gone so much yet have a lot that needs done around the house. This may give us more opportunity to do some work!

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Tricia said...

I smile every time I see that picture of Clay on your sidebar.


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