Monday, October 01, 2012

Where In The World?

I've pretty much ditched my blog for the past couple of weeks. Completely unintentional, I've just been busy.

Two weeks ago I was busy prepping for our 2nd quarter of CC; because we were going out of town during the quarter break & I bumped up our tutor meeting a week early I had a lot to do!

On Tuesday was our last day before quarter break & then we left for our vacation around lunchtime on Wednesday. It was great to be on our way! We made it to Asheville, NC around 1am & went to the Biltmore Estate on Thursday.

Yes, even after all of these years I absolutely love to go there. It's gorgeous, historical, filled with wonderful memories & it totally relaxes me. I would've loved to go for a second day this time!

We drove up the Blue Ridge and went gem mining, into caves, visited an old watermill & went hiking. We also stayed in an old one room cabin off of the Blue Ridge one night - it was neat!

Yesterday we rounded out our family vacation with a visit to historic Jamestown. That was awesome!!! Seeing the actual 400-year-old foundations of the buildings that first went up by the English was really neat.

Ray & the kids then dropped me off in Gainesville, VA; I'm spending the week in some training for CC - very long but interesting & productive 12 hour days!

Ray is driving home with the kids & staying at his grandfather's property for a couple of days first. I'll fly home Friday at midnight.

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