Monday, December 31, 2012

Baby, Baby

Yep, anybody who knows me in real life or is my facebook friend knows that we're expecting baby number four in late July!

We found out two days before Thanksgiving - the same day that we got our new smart phones. We were in such shock that we pretended nothing had happened & spent the entire night playing with our new phones.

Once the shock wore off, the excitement set in. We're both truly ecstatic! We really want more kids but couldn't decide if it was the right decision for our family. I'd been praying about the decision a lot & the Lord gave us our answer without us even making a decision!

My morning all day sickness was reason enough not to keep the pregnancy a secret for long. Especially with the kids being older this time, they kept joining me in the bathroom & asking me if I was throwing up.

I'm half the person I normally am when I'm in my first trimester & having my mom know has been a huge help since she lives so close now. My house is a complete & utter disaster. I had so much work to do for CC this month that hasn't happened. Did I mention my house is a pig sty?

I'm also on my sixth day of having the flu. Kate came down with it the day after Christmas, then me, Addison & Clay but, I've suffered the worse. I wonder if part of it is due to the pregnancy. Ray has been spared so far. I'm so thankful he was home to take care of everyone over the weekend while I was in bed all day. I'm also thankful for a computer with netflix, hulu & headphones! I was finally able to watch the first two seasons of Downton Abbey (& also discovered its' called DOWNTON not DOWNTOWN) & waaaaayyyy more episodes of Law & Order: SVU than I can count.

All of these factors have made for scarce blogging.

I have high hopes that as I begin to pull out of the first trimester (I'm just over 10 weeks) that I'll get back to my normal self & my normal home.

I'll admit it was disappointing to feel so ill during December & miss out on enjoying the Christmas festivities. Admittedly, a very small price to pay!

The best part has been telling the girls the news. Addison was through the roof! She couldn't stop smiling after we told her & already likes to touch my belly & colored a mini Christmas stocking she found for the baby.

The not so fun part is starting this pregnancy heavier than any of my others and already having my regular clothes be tight - that normally doesn't happen until I'm around 4-5 months!

Anyway, that's my news to end 2012. Happy New Year!


Lisa said...

Happy New Year!
It's very exciting that you're having baby #4. I have a wee bit of baby lust thinking about it.

Hope 2013 is wonderful for you :)

villagegirl said...

That's so exciting! Congratulations!

villagegirl said...

OH...and Happy New Year too. :)


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