Saturday, March 02, 2013

Pizza night

After the kids went to bed tonight Ray & I had one of our at-home date nights. I had reserved Breaking Dawn 2 (woohoo!) at redbox & made a couple of pizzas.

I was wanting a form of white pizza but nothing I've made lately has been flavorful enough. I did a bunch of searching this afternoon & came upon a variation that sounded promising.

Ray took a bite & declared, "You could sell this!" It was really good. The picture I took of it is not.

The recipe called for shredded provolone but I used my fresh mozzarella instead & then put a few slices of deseeded tomato on top. (You must make sure to really dry the mozz & tomatoes so that they don't make your pizza soggy). I've been using this New York Style Thin Crust recipe lately. I love heating my pizza stone to 500 degrees & then putting the dough right on the hot stone. I pre-baked the crust a bit before adding the toppings, too.

Anyway, after the tomatoes I liberally sprinkled on garlic powder, fresh ground sea salt & fresh ground black pepper. Next I thinly sliced some garlic cloves & basil leaves & put those on top. I popped the pizza back in the oven for a few minutes & it was awesome!

The second pizza I made was a dessert cinnamon streusel pizza. I basically followed this recipe, except I didn't have any vegetable shortening/oil, so I just added a little bit of butter. This picture is even worse.

This was so filling & sweet we only ate one slice each! The kids will be excited to see the leftovers tomorrow!

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