Wednesday, March 13, 2013

That's My Boy!

Last Friday we had our ultrasound. Ray & the kids were there & we were all anxious to find out the gender. Ray & I were pulling for a boy & the girls wanted a girl. Clay doesn't care. He keeps telling people he's getting a brother AND a sister, resulting in people asking me if I'm having twins.

Ray took video of the gender revel - Kate wasn't happy about a brother! Listen very closely, as we're celebrating, she was complaining about not getting a sister.

It's a Boy!!!

The birth center has a new ultrasound tech (the first tech in Florida to do 4D ultrasounds!) & it was awesome! The old equipment was grey & fuzzy, this was amazing in comparison. I was so excited to get such a good ultrasound!!! (these photos were all taken with our camera/phone camera of the monitor, not scanned photos)

Kate is coming around, but, she still seems a little disappointed that she's not getting a little sister.

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Lisa said...

Awesome!! I'm so pleased for you guys!


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