Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Showcase 2013

Last Friday night was our Classical Conversations year end Showcase. It was a lovely 1.5 hour program with highlights from our little tots program through the Challenge levels.

Unfortunately, we were missing a number of students, but, still had a decent turnout.

Kate & Clay sang "Running Over" in English & Spanish with some of the kids in their tots class. It was so cute! All of those little ones were so eager to be up on the stage!

Addison sang the history sentence about Greek & Roman gods with her class. They each dressed as one of the gods, Addison was Aphrodite. I'm so glad she doesn't have the same stage fright I had as a kid!

At the end of the program the students from the K4-6th grade Foundations program sang their two orchestra songs onstage. Addison is still one of the smallest ones so she was front & center (& loving it)!

After the program we had a reception in the fellowship hall. The families brought appetizers and our Challenge A class made a cupcake map of Europe for dessert. (Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo before people began eating them!)

It was a fun night & a relief for me - it marked the end of my first year as Foundations/Essentials director! I have so much work to do for my support manager position, but, I'm loving the break from the weekly community maintenance. My house is actually clean and organized now! I'm certainly taking advantage of the lighter work load!

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