Friday, August 23, 2013

First Day of CC

Tuesday was our first day back to Classical Conversations for this school year. The program begins at the age of 4 so this is the first year Kate is going to class instead of the nursery. She's been very excited about it, but, during breakfast she got a sudden case of small nerves. She couldn't finish eating & went to get a bucket, just in case. She sat with the bucket until we left & then brought it with her in the van!

Ray was able to take the entire day off of work & stay with us! It was great!

I had us do our family presentation that day so that other families could get an idea for how simple they can be (we were setting the bar reeeeeeaalllly low). We did simply introductions & a little about ourself. We didn't practice anything so I had no idea Ray was going to talk a little about his journey so far with homeschooling & how impacted he was by attending the FPEA convention in May. He began getting a bit teary up there & later one of the moms told him that she actually started to cry, which says a lot because she's not the crying type. It was very sweet.

Here's a photo another mom snapped of Kate in class:

Ray sat with Kate in class while I ran around making sure everything was in order for the first day. I think for a first day it went pretty well! I definitely had more confidence in handling things than I did last year. It's not in my nature to be in charge so that has been something I've had to work on.

Overall, it was a great fist day! It was so fun having Ray there, too, I wish he could come every week! I know he wishes he could, he even told me he thinks it would be fun to tutor!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
I just love your blog. It is so inspiring to see someone so dedicated to their children's education - holistically - educating the whole child. You're incredible and from what I see here, you do an amazing job! I only wish I had the energy to do what you do. Thanks so much for sharing your life online. I love seeing your beautiful family. Wishing you many blessings!

Lisa (previously at Tabulas, now at Wordpress)


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