Thursday, October 17, 2013


We arrived at Jen & Gabes' in time for pizza dinner last night, just like the old days. We always used to have pizza together on Wednesday night after bible study. Except in the old days they only had one child & Jen & I were both pregnant. Now there are 8 kids between us! 

They let their kids stay home from school this morning & everyone had fun playing together. 

Around noon we all hopped on a train to go into Philadelphia. 

6 of the 8 kids

Clay LOVES trains & was totally in his element on his first train ride. 

We ate lunch in terminal market before walking around the city.

Checking out the foundation of George Washington's home. 

Jen had called this morning to see if the liberty bell & such were open yet but she was told it was closed due to the government shutdown.  By the time we got to the city it was open again! It had just opened up at noon today. 

All of us (minus Gabe taking the picture) at the 
grave of Benjamin Franklin. 

The home of Betsy Ross. 


We also walked to Penns landing before hopping on a bus back to the train station. 

The kids were great the whole time & such troopers walking all over the city, it was such fun!

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